The Salatin Semester

Would you like to get the inside scoop on rebooting your farm into a diversified moneymaker?

Introducing . . . The Salatin Semester

A Complete Home Study Course in Polyface-Style Diversified Farming
with Joel Salatin

with added insight from Daniel Salatin and the Eco-Farmers’ Forum

18 hours of video on 12 DVDs | 6 hours of audio Q&A | Digital slideshow farm tour | 256-page guidebook | Hardboard shelf box/binder

Here Joel Salatin shares decades of hard-learned lessons and advice. Learn about:

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  • Pastured broilers
  • Pastured layers (feathernets & eggmobiles)
  • Salad bar beef
  • Pigaerator pork
  • Irrigation & fencing
  • On-farm processing
  • Relationship marketing
  • Multi-use infrastructure
  • Ideal farm layout
  • Leasing farms & adding subcontractors

Learn the practical details behind the day-to-day running of Polyface Farm.

This amazing multimedia production conveys the Salatin family’s methods of profitable diversified farming like no other. Joel Salatin presents his farming system in professional edited, live-cut video, engaging audio, and in a detail-rich reference guide. Polyface Farm services more than 5,000 families, 10 retail outlets, and 50 restaurants through on-farm sales and metropolitan buying clubs with salad bar beef, pastured poultry, eggmobile eggs, pigaerator pork, forage-based rabbits, pastured turkey and forestry products using relationship marketing.

This package is a veritable fount of pertinent and crucial knowledge, a unique compilation of synergistic wisdom to help you save the planet and earn a living as a farmer. The live presentations are presented in DVD video; the audio interviews with Q&A are in digital audio; and the myriad questions and answers from the resulting discussion are transcribed and edited in a detailed reference guide. Also included is a digital slideshow tour of Polyface Farm.

The end result is an amazingly extensive – and affordable – training guide to help you reinvent your farm. This beautifully produced comprehensive tutorial contains:

  • 18 hours of video on 12 DVDs
  • 6 hours of audio Q&A
  • Digital slideshow farm tour
  • 256-page guidebook
Free Video Previews


Anyone who has heard Joel Salatin speak knows he can be fiery, inspirational, humorous, clever, insightful and more. But before emerging as the de facto spokesperson for a form of farming which mimics nature and the endangered species known as family farmers, he was just that, a farmer. His earliest writings were instructions in farming. He loves being a farmer and he loves talking nuts-and-bolts about farming — what works, what doesn’t, trials, failures. And he doesn’t hold back. The bottom line — his diversified farming methods work and can bring profit to farms of all scale. More than ever before, this assembly of instruction teaches the methods learned by Joel Salatin and Polyface Farm over the past decades in the depth it requires. With the investment of time to truly study the information presented in this in-depth video/audio/print set, you will literally save yourself years of mistakes and move your farming operation to a new level of health, productivity and profit.

NTSC-DVD format for U.S. and Canada; DVD-PAL format for most Europe, Australia; Video formats explained here.

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Joel Salatin on The Salatin Semester:

“This captures the thinking, the wrestling, the procedures that have made Polyface Farm successful. We certainly don’t have all the answers, but we’ve made enough mistakes to discover some things that work…. My deepest hope is that the information here will shorten your learning curve and help you be successful. The need is great. The time is short. Your participating in this great mission is a wonderful thing. Now go and do great things.”


Michael Pollan on Joel Salatin:

It isn’t hard to see why there isn’t much institutional support for the sort of low-capital, thought-intensive farming Joel Salatin practices: He buys next to nothing. When a livestock farmer is willing to ‘practice complexity’ – to choreograph the symbiosis of several different animals, each which has been allowed to behave and eat as it evolved to — he will find he has little need for machinery, fertilizer, and, most strikingly, chemicals.